How To Combine Your Online and Offline Marketing

As the retail industry edges further and further into the digital world, as a business owner, you’re probably considering the move yourself if you haven’t already. ECommerce has proven vital for many during the past few months, offering businesses the opportunity to continue trading during a time of lockdowns and social restrictions. But even without the issues that arise from a pandemic, many consider both to be just as essential for a retail business to succeed, combining the convenience of online shopping with an in-store experience that many customers still desire. 

But when it comes to owning both a bricks and mortar store as well as an online presence, your marketing efforts for each must be aligned with one another. This is especially true at present, with restrictions for store openings constantly changing, your physical store and your eCommerce efforts must work together to avoid missed opportunities from potential custom. 

So what do you need to consider? We take a look through some ideas on how to combine your online and offline marketing. 

Promote Your Website In-Store

Ensure you bring elements of your online presence into your physical store. Customers who like to shop in-person need to know that you are also available online 24/7. Promote your web address as well as your social media channels in the same way you would your offers and discounts. Use poster hangers, snap frames and cable display systems to market your online presence.

Utilise Mobile

The majority of customers coming into your store will have a smartphone on them, which is also something that can be utilised. Consider implementing QR codes that allow customers to scan for product information, how-to guides or even exclusive promotions or discounts. Shelf talkers and display wallets are a great way to place QR codes around your store, allowing them to be easily identifiable for customers. 

Tablets and iPads

Another way to encourage device use in-store is through tablets and iPads. Locating these in and around your premises and allowing customers to use them to browse your website is another way to encourage customers to shop online. It also allows customers who are struggling to find what they want in-store to locate the products online. Our retail iPad stands can be used to house devices safely and securely. 

As well as promoting your online presence in-store, you can also utilise your website and social media to encourage visits to your physical stores (depending on lockdown restrictions of course). 

Click and Collect

Offering customers the option to collect their orders in-store for free is a great way to encourage your online shoppers into your premises. Not only does it save on shipping costs, but it also allows shoppers to see your store in-person, which could potentially lead to impulse purchases whilst collecting their orders. Install clip strips, display boxes and visual merchandising displays to showcase products for impulse buying.

Promoting In-Store Only Discounts

Using your website or social media to promote offers that are only redeemable in-store is another effective way to drive more visits to your physical store. Sharing discounts or sales that are exclusive to in-store purchases can encourage online customers to shop in-person. Similar to this, selling products that are only available in-store is another way to encourage customers to pay a visit to your premises that they may not ordinarily consider doing. 

Social Media

The power of social media not only markets your online store, but it can also help to bring more customers into the store too. Whether it’s posting imagery of your store to Instagram or sharing in-store exclusive offers on Facebook, it can be a great tool for helping increase footfall. Encourage customers to share photos of your products while they are in-store too for further customer interaction. Acrylic photo blocks and plastic notice holders can be used to display customer prompts. 

Sharing Online Content In-Store

Utilising your online content can be a valuable tool for in-store promotions. Most reviews and testimonials from customers are often shared online, but these can also be displayed in your physical store to encourage purchases. It’s also a great way to showcase any bloggers or influencers that have endorsed or promoted your products online. If you have video content relating to your products, why not consider utilising this in store too? Our video wall brackets and commercial TV stands are easy to install, allowing you to play videos to your customers. 


Right now, events or gatherings of any kind seem like a lifetime away, but virtual events could be a great alternative until then. If your store would normally hold events to exhibit products or promote offers, why not move them online? A live video via your social media channels is a great way to engage with your customers safely whilst promoting your latest offerings and showcasing your products. 

For more information on how our products could help your online and offline marketing, browse our range or speak to one of our team members for further help and advice. 

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