Is A Pop Up Store Right For You?

What Is A Pop Up Store?

A pop-up store is a temporary outlet or location where retailers can set up a short term space to sell their products. Many online-only businesses tend to utilise pop-ups to showcase their products in a physical environment, offering a storefront as a way to promote their online presence, brand and products to customers in-person. 

Why Should You Set Up A Pop-Up? 

Pop up shops are a great way to showcase your products in person and meet your customers face to face. Although selling online has many advantages, it can sometimes lack a personal touch. With a physical store, you can speak to your audience and get to know them, offering a much more personal customer service.  

It can be beneficial for those who own online stores who want to promote their brand to a new audience, especially shoppers that prefer to purchase their items in person. Building awareness of your brand is key and a pop up is a great tool for spreading the word about your business. 

A pop up is also a great way to meet your online customers in person. With eCommerce stores, you don’t get to see your customers face to face, so a physical store could help you connect with your audience on a human level. The popular social media hashtag #meetthemaker is often used to showcase the face behind the brand. Setting up a pop up is another way for your customers to meet the maker behind your brand, allowing them to get to know you. 

Temporary outlets also allow your customers to see your products in real life. Sometimes it can be hard to see what a product is truly like when viewing online, so allowing customers to see your items in person could help the customer in their purchasing decisions. It can also be utilised to show your customers how best to use your products. Offering a demonstration on how your items work or how your customers can get the most out of them is another advantage of having a physical set up. 

If you want to create an experience for your customers, then a pop up could be the answer. Many brands that own both bricks and clicks stores often use their physical outlets to create an immersive experience for their customers. Something which they wouldn’t normally get online.  

Another advantage of a pop up is that it allows you to answer questions that your customers may have regarding your products or services. Even with live chat features on a website, many customers don’t bother asking businesses or retailers questions that they have, but seeing them in person may encourage them to discuss queries regarding your products. 

Meeting your customers could also give you ideas on what you should be selling. Speak to customers and find out their likes and dislikes. What they are looking for? Could you start offering something which meets their demands or solves one of their problems? Gather this information and use it when deciding what to sell on your website. 

One of the most valuable benefits of a pop up is that it’s temporary. This means you can test the waters to see if a physical store would be right for your business. Renting an outlet can be costly and is a big commitment, so not one to be taken lightly. With a pop-up, you can see whether or not it would suit your needs before you sign on the dotted line for a permanent space. 

Merchandising Your Pop Up

There are several ways in which to set up a pop-up. The options available will be dependent on where you choose to set up. Some places may have restrictions on what you can do with the space you have if you are using it temporarily and there may be limits on what you can change in terms of decor or construction. If this is the case, then there are alternatives when it comes to showcasing your items. Freestanding shelves, display panels and racks are a great option for merchandising your products. 

  • Gridwalls 

Gridwall stands are great for displaying small items, with many featuring castors for easy manoeuvring. Add gridwall accessories such as hooks, prongs, arms and rails to create shelves for gridwalls and design a display that’s best for your products. 

  • Clothing Rails

If you’re retailing garments, then opt for freestanding store clothing racks. These designs are perfect for temporary use and can be placed anywhere within a pop-up space to display garments of all kinds to your customers.  

  • Jewellery Displays 

When retailing intricate pieces such as jewellery, your display techniques must showcase your designs that capture the customer’s attention. Retail jewellery displays such as countertop stands and display cases are great options for delicate items.

  • Boxes and Cubes

Another option for merchandising your small items are display boxes and cubes. These small yet eye-catching designs can help showcase your products, especially when displaying a large number of loose items in bulk. 

  • TV Stands

Having digital signage or television set up in your space could be a great way to showcase product videos or demonstrations. Freestanding commercial TV stands and trolleys can be used to hold displays or televisions in your pop up. 

Display your key products front and centre and make them the main focus of your store. You don’t have to bring all your products along. You may wish to only display your big sellers, especially if you are short on space. 

When it comes to decor, make sure you create a space that matches your online store. Ensure your branding, including colours and logos, are placed around the area. This could be in the form of signage, stickers or banners.  

Promote your online presence, including your website and social media channels. Wherever you retail your products, whether it’s a dedicated site or an Etsy or eBay store, make sure you display the URL/web address around your store. Your new customers need to know where to find you, especially if they are unfamiliar with your brand. It’s also worth displaying your social media handles/account names to try and drum up followers across your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles. 

Who Would Benefit From A Pop Up Shop? 

Majority of online businesses can benefit from a pop-up shop. Whatever you sell, whether its clothes and accessories or food and drink, a temporary store location can be a smart move for various online retailers, no matter what you are selling. 

Where Can I Set Up? 

There are plenty of options when looking for space for your pop up. This will vary depending on where you are wanting the location to be and what’s available in the area. Always consider accessibility and make sure you look at locations where your customers are going to be and consider the footfall in these areas. Would a city centre be more beneficial or perhaps a village market? Look at your demographic and assess your audience type. What are their interests and where are they likely to be based? 

A popular option for pop-ups is empty retail outlets on high streets or within shopping centres that offer a short temporary lease. Footfall within these areas tends to be high and of course, the passersby are shoppers looking to make a purchase. 

Indoor markets may also have space for you to set up and sell your items temporarily. Many locations now have dedicated spaces for retailers looking to set up a short term pop up, so this is something to look for in your area. 

Galleries often allow vendors to sell their items, especially if your products are related to art and design. Look up art galleries, event spaces or even museums within your area to see if this is an option. 

Some towns and cities often hold events which allow small businesses and independent brands to sell and showcase their designs, such as craft fairs or Christmas markets. Get in touch with the council or local authorities to ask about upcoming events. 

Space within another company’s outlet may also be something to look into. Sometimes local businesses work together because their products go hand in hand. So it may be worth getting in touch with other retailers who already have a physical presence. You could potentially work together by setting up a stall within their outlet or using a small section of their store to sell your items. 

Festivals are also another option for small businesses. Alongside music and food, many festivals have spaces dedicated to retailers and vendors to sell products. Just make sure it’s a festival frequented by visitors who align with your demographic to ensure you are targeting the right type of customers. 

When Is The Best Time To Set Up A Pop-Up? 

Choosing when to set up a pop up will come down to what you sell and how your business is going. Make sure you consider your timing carefully, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your online activities. If you’re seeing a lull in online sales, then it could be a good time for a pop-up. 

Christmas is often a time when retailers have pop-ups. Although online is often more convenient for shoppers, many still enjoy heading out to purchase their gifts in person. If your items are suited to gifting, then the festive season may be a good time for your pop up. Check out Christmas markets in your area to see if there’s space to set up a stall. 

Seasonality is also something to consider. If you’re selling items which are in demand during the warmer months, it may be more beneficial to set up during Spring/Summer. Or, as previously mentioned, if your items are more gift related, then the run-up to Christmas may be the best time to set up a store. 

If you experience quiet periods with your online store, then this could be the perfect time for a pop-up. Utilise times where you’re not as busy to get out there and build brand awareness to showcase what you have to offer. 

For more information on how our products could help you with your pop up shop, speak to one of our team members, who will be happy to guide you through our range.

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