Android Advertising Display


  • Stunningly simple and ultra-modern
  • Simply plug and play
  • Choice of sizes
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Includes slim wall mount
  • Range of sizes. Update your content quickly and easily via USB drive
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The Android Advertising Display is a wall mountable plug and play device that comes with a built in HD media player, allowing you to play your content on the screen without the need for any external media player or input device.

Simply load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick, insert into the display and the files will copy the files into it’s internal flash memory. Once you remove the USB drive, the content will play sequentially.

For more advanced use of this display we offer free scheduling software that allows you to create custom playlists of content with greater control over transitions, time delays etc. You can even choose for different content to be displayed at various times of the day. For example, a restaurant could create three daily schedules for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can download the software here

For added interest, you can also display a “ticker tape” style scrolling text message along the bottom of the screen, to help you get your message across or help highlight any specific promotions or offers.

A wall mount is included with your screen at no extra cost. Ensuring that you have a complete signage solution in the box. Each screen comes with a slim mount that can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation. The mount provides a secure and eye pleasing flush finish to the wall.

The IPS panel displays image quality and colour depth at a 178″ ultra wide viewing angle. There is no fall off in colour accuracy and no diversion in contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most challenging lighting environments these displays are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate colour temperature for lifelike images. The panel is also optimised for mounting in either landscape or portrait orientation.

As an eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly times for you screen. The ability to power on and off automatically means that the screen is only in use when it needs to be. Improving you environmental efficiency.



  • Black

Dimensions (HxWxD):

  • 19″ – 322 x 501 x 36mm
  • 22″ – 383 x 590 x 41mm
  • 32″ – 504 x 814 x 63mm
  • 43″ – 638 x 1045 x 63mm
  • 50″ – 736 x 1199 x 44mm
  • 55″ – 837 x 1366 x 50mm


  • 19″ – 6.3Kg (Net)
  • 22″ – 8.3Kg (Net)
  • 32″ – 13.1Kg (Net)
  • 43″ – 22.8Kg (Net)
  • 50″ – 28.5Kg (Net)
  • 55″ – 39.7Kg (Net)

Ideal for:

  • Promotions & product demonstrations

Additional information

Screen size

19" – 322 x 501 x 36mm, 22" – 383 x 590 x 41mm, 32" – 504 x 814 x 63mm, 43" – 638 x 1045 x 63mm, 50" – 736 x 1199 x 44mm, 55" – 837 x 1366 x 50mm

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