PCAP Touch Screen


Versatile touch screen display with both Android and Windows OS

  • Built in PC with Windows and android
  • PCAP touch technology
  • 10 point touch
  • HDMI & VGA inputs
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
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Experience the most versatile commercial touch screen on the market.

With both Android and Windows operating systems installed on the integrated PC it cannot be beaten on flexibility. Easily switch from your Window desktop to the Android apps, this screen has it all in once convenient package. A Windows license will need to be purchased separately.

State of the art Projected Capacitive interactive technology offers the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available. Designed for commercial applications, PCAP touch technology works by fixing a sensor grid between a layer of cover glass and the LCD panel, when a finger touches the glass the grid detects the coordinates of the touch point. Unlike other touch technologies PCAP is not affected by dust or debris on the screen surface, allows for up to 10 touch points and offers superior optical quality.

The PCAP Touch Screen can be used as a touch monitor if you connect your own PC or you can run your own touch software from the integrated Dual OS PC board with Windows and Android. However you can use our ground breaking new Touch Cloud Management System (separate subscription required) that puts you in control as you create, deploy and touch your very own content on screen. First, you create your custom layouts with our user friendly software that requires no knowledge of coding to use. Then deploy the content from your PC direct to your Touch Screens in a matter of seconds. Now all that is left to do is touch as you let your content do the talking about your brand, company, service or product.

These displays could be considered the largest commercial tablet on the market, but they are so much more. With a striking aluminium bezel and a sleek and sexy design, these displays always manage to catch the eye. Built with a strong tempered edge to edge glass front and a wide viewing angle, these commercial grade tablets are hard to miss and certainly stand out from the crowd.

With the LED backlight used is not only eco-friendly but also ensures the display has enhanced brightness and contrast. This technology increases the lifespan and reduces the power consumption by around 30%. This form of light technology is mercury free, safeguarding this screen’s eco friendliness.

Although the screens have an integrated PC with two operating systems, there is also a possibility to attach external devices if required. Simply connect your device to the screen, via VGA or HDMI (for the video signal) and USB (for the touch functionality). The screen will then serve as your computer monitor and the touch functionality controls the cursor , essentially acting as your mouse.


  • Black

Dimensions (HxWxD):

  • 22″ – 383 x 590 x 50mm
  • 32″ – 504 x 814 x 69mm
  • 43″ – 637 x 1049 x 65mm
  • 50″ – 716 x 1186 x 65mm
  • 55″ – 790 x 1319 x 65mm


  • 22″ – 9Kg (Net)
  • 32″ – 15Kg (Net)
  • 43″ – 24Kg (Net)
  • 50″ – 30Kg (Net)
  • 55″ – 37Kg (Net)

Ideal for:

  • Promotions & product demonstrations

Additional information

Screen size:

22" – 383 x 590 x 50mm, 32" – 504 x 814 x 69mm, 43" – 637 x 1049 x 65mm, 50" – 716 x 1186 x 65mm, 55" – 790 x 1319 x 65mm

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